Naturally ingenious.

Make the best even better: that is why we have consistently refined the tried-and-tested NUK Shape that is modelled on a breastfeeding parent’s nipple as they breastfeed, even further: medical findings combined with clever technical details make the new NUK Genius especially kind to the jaws and teeth.

Genius soother

Its particularly soft surface moulds itself gently against your child’s palate.

NUK Genius Soother

The underside of the teat has a smooth transition and a domed shape, giving the tongue plenty of space for natural sucking movements.

NUK Genius Soother

The even narrower and particularly thin teat neck helps reduce pressure on the little jaw and teeth. And what is more, with every NUK Soother air can always escape through a vent. That way it remains nicely flat in the mouth. And all that together makes a NUK Genius Soother even kinder to teeth!

Inspired by nature – optimised shape.

best soother NUK Genius

The NUK Shape that is right for the jaw, along with the improvements to the baglet and teat neck, make the new NUK Genius the best soother of its kind. For it can mould itself gently to your baby’s palate and leaves plenty space for the tongue while exerting as little pressure as possible on the jaw and your child’s later teeth. This way the new NUK Genius satisfies your baby’s natural need to suck in a way that is even kinder to teeth and gives you the good feeling of being able to soothe your child without any worries.

Discover the new NUK Genius.

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Reassuringly well-informed: the NUK Genius Brochure.

NUK Genius soother Brochure

What actually is “the natural need to suck”? Why does a soother have such a calming effect on your baby? And why does the new NUK Genius promote the development of your child’s teeth and jaws? These and other questions are answered for you in the new NUK Genius Brochure.
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Recommended by experts.

We asked the orthodontic practitioner, Dr med. dent. H. von Treuenfels, the questions relating to soothers which concern many parents. Among the questions he answers in our interview are, how a soother can help calm down their child and if it is with an easy mind that parents can give their child a soother. You can get these and many other answers in the experts’ interviews.

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