NUK Genius Silicone Soother

  • Taking nature as its example: NUK Teat resembles a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds
  • Even kinder to teeth thanks to improved shape: less pressure on jaw and teeth
  • Extra soft on the top and very flat baglet
  • Teat neck now thinner and particularly narrow
  • Adapts optimally to the palate and gives the tongue more space
  • Sturdy, reusable packaging box for storage and transport
  • 2 per pack
  • airsystem
  • bpafreecircle


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Silicone or latex? That is a matter of taste.

NUK Genius soothers are available in silicone and latex – bisphenol-A free, naturally, and each in all three sizes. These materials differ in the following ways:

Latex is ...

  • a pure, natural product based on rubber
  • softer and warmer and so very like a mother’s breast
  • extremely flexible and durable

Silicone is ...

  • completely free of harmful substances and has a pleasantly smooth surface
  • odourless and with a neutral taste
  • extremely temperature and light resistant
  • less elastic than latex and should therefore be replaced immediately at the first signs of wear (e.g. grooves, scratches, tooth marks or even tiny holes)