NUK Classic Happy Days Silicone Soother

  • Improved NUK original shape – modelled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds, which fits optimally into the mouth when a baby sucks on it
  • Thinner and narrower teat neck reduces pressure on jaws and teeth
  • Flat baglet and smooth underside; pleasant feeling in mouth; plenty room for natural sucking movements
  • Sturdy, reusable packaging box for storage and transport
  • BPA-free, 1 per pack
  • bpafreecircle
  • airsystem


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The NUK Classic Happy Days Silicone is available in single packs in two sizes, each with a different article number. Motifs vary for each size. Each different model has a separate order number:

  • Size 1 (0-6 months) – 5560315 – PDE - 2035561
  • Size 2 (6-18 months) – 5560316 – PDE - 2190176

Available through The Baby Factory, Baby City, specialist baby stores and Pharmacies.

If you wish to order through your local Pharmacy, please quote the Pharmacode Number (PDE) above.

(Information valid for New Zealand only)