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Apps – for Tablets, Smartphones and Clever Parents

NUK Apps for iPhone & Co.

With mobile devices, everything is at your fingertips when you are out and about. That also makes them a useful “companion” for parents. NUK offers practical ideas and useful functions as apps too. Here you can find out what apps there are to download for free.

Left or right? The digital memory aid for breastfeeding mothers

NUK Breastfeeding Calandar App

The free NUK Breastfeeding Calendar App is a practical memory aid for breastfeeding mothers – for example, you can see at a glance when you last breastfed your baby and if it is the left or right side next time. This lets you follow your breastfeeding pattern exactly. The NUK Breastfeeding Calendar App can also come in useful when talking to midwives or doctors.

Extremely practical: you can use all the functions with just one hand while you are breastfeeding. The integrated stopwatch for noting the length of time you breastfeed from each side can be activated and paused immediately. The NUK Breastfeeding Calendar App helps you decide if you want to breastfeed your baby then and there or express any surplus breast milk. Every day you can document your breastfeeding rhythm and look it up in the log book. And if, on occasion, your smartphone is not at hand, then you can just fill in the data afterwards. But remember: breastfeeding is not a competition. Children should be allowed to relax when they want.

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The 21st Century Baby Rattle

The NUK Baby Rattle App

Would you like to conjure up happiness on the faces of babies and little children? With the NUK Baby Rattle App it’s child’s play! Just switch on your iPhone or iPod Touch, shake it and you have attracted the attention of your little one.

Clever: with the NUK Baby Rattle App you can choose different rattle shapes and sounds, so, if there happens to be no toys around, you can offer your child something new again and again.

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